• Transactions
• Documents
• Authenticate online
• Approve transactions
• Use for Proof of Identity


• Polls
• Fungible tokens
• Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs)
• Peer-to-Peer Marketplaces
• Decentralized Organizations


to the blockchain
and the SIGBRO ecosystem.
• All Ardor child chains+
• Lease ARDR to staking pools
• Ardor's Decentralized Exchange


The app stores your private keys locally and securely encrypted. Your account is you - select your own level of privacy. Anon or not, with a SIGBRO account, no one can impersonate you. 

Energy Efficient

100% Proof of Stake
- our blockchain network
leaves a minimal environmental footprint. Full Ardor nodes can run on mobile phones and solar power. 

Easy to use

Enjoy the simplicity of SIGBRO. This app was made for the public to use and is not (only) for blockchain technology geeks. ))

Devs enjoy using the Ardor API too